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Discover the Specialised Protection of Direct Packaging Solutions LTD’s 'L' Foam Profiles

Direct Packaging Solutions LTD is dedicated to advancing sustainable packaging solutions, and we are excited to spotlight our 'L' foam profiles, a key component of our environmentally responsible product lineup. These profiles are distinguished by their exceptional design and composition, made entirely in the UK from 100% recycled materials.

Eco-Innovation with 'L' Profiles – Leading the Way in Sustainability

Our 'L' foam profiles are at the forefront of eco-friendly packaging, crafted from fully recyclable materials. Produced in the Jiffy facility in the UK, these profiles embody a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and lead times.

Why Our 'L' Foam Profiles Stand Out:

100% Recycled and Recyclable: Pioneering the way in green packaging, these 'L' profiles are made from 100% recycled content and are entirely recyclable.
Optimal Shock Absorption: Designed for maximum protection, the 'L' shape provides robust safeguarding against impacts and vibrations.
Eco-Safe and Versatile: Non-toxic and chemically inert, these profiles are suitable for a broad spectrum of products, ensuring both safety and environmental care.
Precision Fit: The angular 'L' design is ideal for edge protection, fitting snugly around corners and providing enhanced stability.
Clean and Odor-Free: Our profiles guarantee a clean, odourless unboxing experience, maintaining the integrity of your products.
British Made: Locally produced to minimise carbon footprint and shorten lead times
Efficiency Without Compromise: Lightweight yet strong, our 'L' profiles ensure efficient shipping without sacrificing durability.

Tailored Applications for Diverse Needs

The 'L' foam profiles are expertly designed to protect edges and corners, making them perfect for items like furniture, electronics, and framed art. Their angular form offers reinforced protection where it's most needed, ensuring your products are securely cushioned against shocks and knocks.

Product Specifications:

Designed for Edges and Corners: The 'L' shape is specifically crafted for superior edge protection.
Standard Length: 2 meters, accommodating a wide range of packaging dimensions.
Eco-Friendly Colour: Presented in Ocean Green, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.
Exact Tolerances: Engineered with precise tolerances for a snug fit and optimal protection.


L 50 x 50 - 240 Per Box (72p Each)

L 75 x 75 - 105 Per Box (1.11 Each)

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