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These Foam Profiles are leading the way in sustainable packaging innovation

Precisely crafted in the UK, these profiles are a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly packaging solutions, utilising 100% recycled content to support environmental stewardship.

Tailored 'U' Corner Shape for Optimal Edge Protection

Our 'U' shaped foam profiles are specifically designed to offer exceptional protection, cradling various items securely to prevent movement and safeguard against impacts. The 'U' design is perfect for encasing the outside of a wide variety of items, providing a snug fit that enhances protection during transit.

Benefits of Choosing Our 'U' Corner Foam Profiles:

Edge Security: The 'U' corner shape is ideally suited for protecting the vulnerable edges of items, from electronics to furniture, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.
Adaptable Fit: Easily conforms to different product sizes and shapes, offering flexible and reliable protection.
Versatile Use: Our 'U' corner profiles are suitable for a multitude of industries, offering dependable protection for any product requiring edge security.
Eco-Conscious Choice: In line with our green initiatives, these profiles are made from 100% recycled materials and are fully recyclable, contributing to a zero-waste circular economy.

Product Specifications:

Specialised Design: The 'U' configuration is engineered for superior edge protection and adaptability to various product dimensions.
Standard Length: Each profile measures 2 meters, accommodating a broad range of packaging needs.
Box Dimensions: Our standard box size is 2100mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 590mm(H), designed for efficient storage and transportation.
Sustainable Colour: Featured in our signature Ocean Green
Precision Tolerances: Manufactured with exact tolerances to ensure a perfect, protective fit around your products.

Opt for our 'U' corner foam profiles for unmatched edge protection in your packaging strategy, and support our mission towards more sustainable packaging practices.


U15 CORNER - 900 Per Box - 18p Each

U25 CORNER - 600 Per Box - 21p Each 

U45 CORNER - 300 Per Box - 30p Each


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