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Our Range of Packaging Tape and Parcel Strapping Products

We offer a huge selection of packaging tapes of all different strengths, colours, and fabric types. The most common use for packaging tape is sealing cardboard boxes, but our range of tapes doesn’t stop there! 

In this section, you’ll find packaging tapes including duct tape, double-sided tape, cloth tape, and anti-slip tape to name a few. We even stock striking fluorescent tapes that are designed to gather wires and cabling but could be a striking solution for making your business’ product packaging stand out.


Finding The Right Parcel Tape For Your Business

When you’re choosing a packaging tape that’s right for your needs you have to consider the thickness of the tape and how hardwearing it has to be to serve its purpose. Most of our tapes are available in a range of reel lengths and widths so you can choose the best parcel tape for you. 

For example, for a secure seal, we offer Gummed Paper Tape which has tear-resistant fibers running through it as well as having a water-activated adhesive which makes it almost impossible to tear off a cardboard box. Or for lighter use, we offer Standard Packaging Tapes and Low Noise Tape which are great for standard packaging use, especially in an open-plan office environment where the constant noise of tape could quickly become a nuisance!


Our Experience in Parcel Packing Tape

So that you can get the absolute best value for money we sell our tape varieties by the box or pallet load. We’re confident that we won’t be beaten on price but if you do find cheap packaging tape at a lower price elsewhere then give us a call and we can discuss our pricing options further. 12 years trading has given us a wealth of knowledge and expereince in the packaging industry and we have an extensive offering of parcel tape that we’re confident will suits your business needs.


Packaging Tape and Parcel Strapping Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best parcel tape?

What you might consider to the best parcel tape is very dependent on its use. What has become to be known as standard packaging tape is popular because of its cheap price, ease-of-use, great bonding abilities but also relatively easy removal when re-opening packaging, especially when delivering parcels to customers. However, some who consider the strength and adhesive ability of tape to be what defines it as the ‘best’ might choose a cross weave tape or gummed tape as they are better known for their abilities to secure heavier boxes for example.

What do different kinds of packaging tape do best?

The main categories of packaging tape that we sell include: standard sellotape packing tape which is great for everyday product packing and box sealing; cloth and crossweave tape, which is great for tougher jobs that require very strong parcel tape such as heavier boxes or long-haul goods that are likely to experience a rougher transit; and double-sided tape which offers adhesive properties on both sides making it perfect for sealing boxes tidily with the tape concealed.

Which tape is the strongest?

The strongest tape variety is Crossweave Tape, it’s impossible to stretch which makes it almost impossible to break. It’s manufactured with fiberglass running through the parcel tape in two directions which make it extra robust and great for packaging up heavier goods.

What are the uses of coloured packaging tape?

The intended use of coloured tape is largely for the purpose of gathering wires and cables as means of being a ‘key’ for what the use of each wire is. However, for businesses that aren’t afraid of getting creative then our coloured tape has so many uses beyond that. In fact, our coloured sellotape is wonderful for adding some fun to your parcels and packages, and a simple fun coloured tape can go a long way in helping your brand stand out from the crowd!

How do you apply sticky tape so it will stay stuck?

Packaging tape of any kind is best applied to a dust and moisture-free surface so that it can get the maximum amount of grip and eliminate the potential for any slippage, giving you the best bonding application possible.

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