Tapes & Strapping

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  1. Standard Packaging Tape

    Starting at £0.70

  2. Vibac Tapes

    Starting at £0.59

  3. Low Noise Tape

    Starting at £10.82

  4. Masking Tape

    Starting at £1.04

  5. Crossweave Tape

    Starting at £77.76

  6. Coloured Tape

    Starting at £6.00

  7. Duct Tape

    Starting at £21.04

  8. Double Sided Sticky Tape

    Starting at £71.18

  9. Fluorescent Cloth Tape

    Starting at £536.16

  10. Gummed Paper Tape

    Starting at £78.82

  11. Strapping Kits

    Starting at £181.00

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In this section you will find a huge selection of tapes. The most common use for tape is sealing cardboard boxes, however our range doesn't stop there! Every tape we sell has a different use, these being, collating wires, decorating, building, general do it yourself around the home or office and electrical,  to name just a few!

We sell our tapes by the box or pallet load. As we import some goods ourself we're confident that our prices are low and we feel we cant be beaten on price so if you do find a like for like product at a lower price then do give us a call to discuss it further. 12 years or trading has given us a wealth of knowledge within the packaging industry and we have an extensive range which we hope meets the needs of most business weather that be for the office, home or warehouse. We hope you find what you are looking for and if you don't see it then just give us a call!

If you are choosing a regular packaging tape then consider the thickness of the tape and how durable and hard wearing you want it to be. Most tapes are available in a range of reel lengths and different widths.

One key factor when applying any kind of tape is to make sure the surface is dust free and free from moisture which will give you the best bonding application possible.


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