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Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap

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  1. hand stretch packaging film

    Hand Stretch Film

    p>1 Pallet = 360 Rolls / Priced per roll / Roll Width x Roll Length x Thickness / Very Competitively Priced / Choose from Clear or Black / Choose from Extended of Flush Core

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    Starting at: £3.64

  2. machine strech film

    Machine Stretch Film

    p>1 Pallet = 46 Rolls / 16 Kilos Rolls from £1.38 per kilo / Available in Black or Clear /  150% STANDARD STRETCH / For use with Standard Pallet Machines / Choose from 17, 20 or 23 Micron / Priced Per Roll / Roll Width x Roll Length x Learn More

    Starting at: £29.39

  3. Machine Power Pre Stretch Film

    Machine Power Pre Stretch Film

    p>1 Pallet = 46 Rolls  / 16 Kilos Rolls from £1.44 per kilo / Choose from Black or Clear /  250% Stretch guaranteed / Best Quality Stretch Film / Size Width x Length x Thickness

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    Starting at: £30.73

  4. Width x Lenght x Thickness
  5. Choose from Extended of Flush Core
  6. Available in Clear
  7. Learn More

Starting at: £24.55

  • Width x Length x Thickness
  • 17 micron 
  • 40 Per Pack

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    Starting at: £34.40

  • 250 Covers Per Roll
  • Water Resistant
  • Perforated for easy tear
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    Starting at: £39.76

  • 200 Per Pack
  • Choose from 2 Sizes
  • Water Repellant top coating
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    Starting at: £123.56

  • shrinkable pallet covers

    Shrinkable Pallet Covers

    upplied on Rolls Learn More

    Starting at: £113.45

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    Stretch Film / Pallet wrap is an integral part of distribution and packaging when transporting your goods. When sending a pallet out you want to know it will arrive in excellent condition to your customers with your goods intact. Wrapping is a method used broadly throught the warehouseing sector, it's user friendly, neat, tidy and keeps your goods together!

    Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap is designed to wrap around the goods on your pallet to stabelize it. This can be done manually or with a machine. It's a quick cost effective way of collating your goods together.

    As one of the leading importers and distributors of Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap we're able to cut out the middle man which will bring the price down for you without compromising on quality.

    With 20 years experience of supplying the packaging trade we have an incredible amount of knowledge of the products that we sell. Even more so with the range of Stretch Film / Pallet wraps that we manufacture as we import them into the uk.

    Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap comes in a variety of thicknesses and roll lengths, if you're not sure what your looking for then give us a call. Remember we carry most lines in stock meaning we can deliver to you the next business working day if you order by 2pm.