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Machine Stretch Film StandardĀ 


We recommend using our Machine Stretch Film when sending out a large quantity of pallets ( approx. 40+ pallets). UsingĀ Machine Stretch FilmĀ will speed up the process of your packaging chain, making the process far more efficient.Ā Machine Stretch FilmĀ is best used with a Pallet Wrap Machine sold separately.

OurĀ Machine Stretch FilmĀ comes standard with a flush core width of 500mm. You have the option to choose the reel length. We also give you the opportunity to select the "Micron". The thicker the micron, the heavier the weight of the wrap. Consider the importance of the goods you are transporting when selecting the required thickness of theĀ Machine Stretch Film. The heavier the load, the thicker the micron would be the best option.

Machine Stretch filmĀ is available to purchase by the roll; however, the more you buy, the lower the price! If you would like one of our sales representatives to visit you with a roll sample, we are more than happy to arrange a visit!

*Please note that our pallet wrap prices can fluctuate due to factors like oil prices and exchange rates, but we aim to offer competitive rates.*

Enjoy Free Delivery on all orders over Ā£100!

Bulk Order Discounts Available: We can offer a much higher discount for bulk orders and provide pallets if needed. Contact us for availability and prices.

This product is also available in black, only available by the pallet of 736KG per pallet. Contact us for availability and prices.

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