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Postal Packaging, Postal Cardboard Boxes & Postal Envelopes

We supply a comprehensive range of high-quality postal products, ensuring that your business is able to ship items out quickly, efficiently, and securely. Whatever your posting, our range of envelopes, postal boxes and letterbox cardboard boxes means that there is sure to be something to suit your business requirements.

Take some time to browse our range of postal packaging supplies; we’re confident you’ll find just what you need, but if there’s anything we can help with then please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll do our best to assist you.


Postal Packaging Products To Suit Your Business 

The safe shipping of products is an integral part of most businesses, especially since the huge boom in eCommerce in recent years. We understand that business owners are always seeking ways to ship goods in the most cost-effective yet secure way, which is why we offer one of the widest selections of postal packaging products you’ll find anywhere online.

Our comprehensive range of postal packing products includes grey mailing bags, cardboard book mailers, postal tubes, foam-lined boxes, Jiffy padded envelopes, and AROFOL bubble envelopes. We also supply postal accessories including documents enclosed wallets, rubber bands, postal scales, and paper tags and wire to help your warehouse and mailroom operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Premium Quality Postal Packaging Boxes at Wholesale Price

As a leading UK packaging supplier, we are experienced in offering great value packaging solutions to our customers at excellent prices, meaning that you can keep the costs lower for your customers. It’s vital that all of your products are packaged properly and arrive in perfect condition, especially postal products that can differ in shape, size and strength. . We offer premium quality postal bags and postage boxes at wholesale prices when you buy in bulk. The more units you purchase, the lower the cost per unit, helping you to save money where it counts. This is exactly why our loyal customers keep on coming back to us for their postal packaging needs. 


Postal Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

What size box fit through a letterbox?

The average size of a UK letterbox is 10 X 1.5 inches. If you’re looking for a postage box that will fit through a letterbox then our Royal Mail postal boxes are a great choice. They’re designed to adhere to Royal Mail’s letterbox sizing so you can be sure that your goods can be posted regardless of if anyone’s home!

Can a large letter be a box or is it an envelope?

When posting a large letter you might be concerned about postal prices, as long as your documents/paper are in an envelope then they will be considered a large letter. On the other hand, if you put your paperwork into an A4 box for example then it would be considered a postal box and not an envelope and you will be charged accordingly.

How do I know how much my postal packaging is going to cost?

The cost of an item’s postage is determined by its size and weight, so purchasing some postal scales is a great way to weigh your item before you post it so that you’ll be able to use an online calculator to determine the cost of postage so that you know exactly what you’re paying for!

What’s the best way to package a letter?

You have a few choices when packaging a letter, of course, there is a standard paper envelope but you may find that if you’re posting important information or documents then a paper envelope won’t provide enough security or protection. If this is the case, then you may prefer a sealed document wallet that is made from plastic making it waterproof as well as being more difficult to tamper with.

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