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Polythene Products & Plastic Bags

Our range of polythene products, packaging and wrapping have a variety of uses, and we supply a large number of polythene items to the catering, warehousing and packaging industries. We believe that the quality of our products is amongst the best on the market, and we strive to offer competitive pricing and cheap quotes for quality polythene products and packaging! If you are interested in a large quantity of any of our polythene products then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team as we offer discounts for bulk purchases.


Our Range of Plastic Wrapping and Polythene Packaging

Our polythene products are available in a range of thicknesses, shapes, and functions - as a rule of thumb the thicker the polythene, the more hardwearing it tends to be. You can view each individual polythene product to see more information about its size and thickness. Plus the majority of our products are available for next-day delivery if you order before 2pm! Delivery is always free if you spend over £75.00, otherwise, a transparent £7.95 small order fee will be applied to your order at checkout. 

We specialise in sourcing and manufacturing a lot of our own products which is why we can achieve such high quality for such low prices and pass the savings directly on to you.


Polythene Packaging: Heavy-Duty vs Light-Duty Use

Our clear plastic packaging comes in a range of polythene forms to suit your various business needs - depending on what you need your packaging for! 

If you’re packing up small goods such as food types then you’ll likely find that our Clear Poly Bags are what you’re looking for - this polythene is made conforming to the highest safety standards so is suitable for keeping food fresh and contained. Similarly, our standard plastic carrier bags are great for carrying light shopping such as groceries or clothing which makes them a great versatile packaging solution for your business.

Or, If you’re looking for some polythene wrapping that’s a bit tougher for heavy-duty use then our Pallet Top Sheet Covers and Shrinkable Pallet Cover plastic wraps are sure to be in-line with your business needs. These are tougher and thicker plastic wraps designed for pallet and product protection from tampering, dust, and water damage. These plastic wraps and covers are particularly useful if your goods have a long journey across the globe where temperature changes and dusty conditions could damage your items - our polythene wrapping is designed to combat just that!


Polythene Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

What is polythene?

Polythene is a tough but lightweight plastic, it’s ideal for making clear plastic packaging as it’s easy to mold into different shapes during production. This is why you’ll find that you can buy everything from polythene carrier bags to pallet covers and cable ties!

Why are polythene bags/poly bags so popular?

Not only are polythene carrier bags so lightweight but they’re also durable and easy to store thanks to the nature of their thin material. They’re notorious for being able to hold many times their own weight without tearing or stretching which is an impressive quality that makes them great for packaging food and carrying produce.

What are the uses of polythene packaging and wrapping?

Polythene packaging and clear plastic wrapping have insulating properties that can help preserve the freshness of food, keeps your items dry, and prevent dust from forming on your products or pallets. The thin clear plastic material means that polythene wrapping is flexible enough to wrap around unique-shaped objects, especially our shrinkable pallet cover film that is excellent for keeping your goods safe, secure, and dust-free.

Is polythene the best plastic wrap packaging?

As mentioned, the lightweight and durable qualities of polythene make it a popular plastic wrap choice for packaging. You might find other non-plastic alternatives on the market but they are likely to tear easier, hold less weight, and be less durable which is where polythene plastic wrap proves advantageous.

Is polythene recyclable?

Yes, although polythene plastic isn’t usually recyclable at home you’ll find that most supermarkets have recycling points dedicated to plastic carrier bags etc. Plus, you can reuse plastic bags easily as they are strong enough for multiple uses

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