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Packaging Papers

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We manufacture packaging paper and paper rolls from the highest quality materials. Packing paper is a great way to wrap, pad, and protect an item during shipping. Paper packaging is also good for void-filling (keeping the item fixed in place inside the cardboard box). Some companies also utilise packaging paper creatively, to make their items look better on arrival. 

And of course, we also stock traditional brown parcel paper. 

If you are looking for brown wrapping paper rolls, or brown packing paper bags, look no further. We recognise that brown parcel wrapping paper is a familiar standard in the packaging and shipping industry. 

Some great reasons to use packaging paper

Apart from being a great and convenient way to ship goods, packaging paper also has the following advantages:

  • It is very light, and so will drive down the cost of shipping. 

  • By nature, it can wrap easily around goods of all different shapes and sizes. 

  • It doesn’t hurt the earth. For example, Kraft packaging paper rolls are made from sustainable forestry, and 100% virgin paper.  

  • Packaging paper is versatile, meaning there are many different types with specialised functions. For example, weather-resistant paper sheets and acid-free tissue paper. 

  • Big overnight courier companies and the Royal Mail are used to handling packaging paper.

Still looking for the packaging paper you need? No problem. Let us know your specifications, and we can make it for you.

Packaging Papers come in a range of different materials, strengths and sizes — and some packing papers are designed with specific industries and weather in mind. If you are unable to find what you are looking, just contact our sales team and one of our specialists will assist you. We are confident we will be able to manufacture the paper packaging you need for your business. Right now we are offering FREE Delivery if you spend more than £75.00.

Please note: Our packaging Papers are usually supplied on rolls and can be very heavy, all can be easily cut to size.