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Packing Papers, Paper Rolls & News Off Cuts

Whatever your business dispatches, you want to be sure that your goods are packaged perfectly and will arrive in excellent condition to your customers. Paper packaging is a low-cost, versatile packaging solution for strengthening cardboard boxes and wrapping your items so that they will stay safe all through the mailing process. Especially if you wrap a lot of items daily, purchasing a packaging paper roll is sure to save you a lot of time and money as you can use it to wrap virtually anything!

Our paper rolls are an extremely popular packaging and wrapping choice amongst our customers so we’re very experienced in this area, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help. 


Why Packaging Paper is A Fantastic Packing Solution

Product packaging doesn’t need to be bulky and heavy, you can save yourself space and money by opting for paper packaging! It’s cost-effective, better for the environment than plastic packaging as well as being easy to store and versatile enough to be used to wrap a range of products. 

Rolls of paper are particularly great for businesses with a high number of products that need wrapping and packaged and you’ll find that we offer very competitively priced packaging paper rolls so we’re a fantastic UK packaging supplier choice.


The Different Types of Packaging Papers

Packing papers come in a range of different materials, strengths and sizes, all of which are best suited to different purposes. For example, some packaging papers like our Pure Kraft Paper roll are water-resistant, making them great for exterior packaging such as wrapping a cardboard box of goods to keep it protected. On the other hand, paper rolls such as our Imitation Kraft Pape are not water-resistant so you’ll find them more useful for interior packing and paper wrapping items that are going to be inside a cardboard box so that they stay protected. 

Packaging rolls particularly can be rather heavy but they allow you to unroll them and cut as much packing paper as you need depending on the size of the items that your wrapping, plus paper rolls often come with a huge quantity of paper so they’re perfect for larger items or high-quantity packaging projects.


Packaging Paper Frequently Asked Questions

Why is paper used for packaging?

Packing paper is a low-cost, lightweight and versatile packaging solution that is durable enough to wrap a range of items whilst being cheap and lightweight enough to be used for high-quantity packing. Plus paper rolls are recyclable which makes using paper for packaging a more eco-conscious choice than plastic alternatives.

What is packaging paper?

Packaging paper such as Pure Kraft Paper is dispensed in paper rolls, it is thicker than the standard printer paper that you might encounter in your daily life, as well as being more water-resistant. Packaging paper is designed to protect your items from bumps and damage by wrapping them in an extra layer of protection.

What kind of paper is used for packaging?

What type of paper you should use for packaging is dependent on the type of goods your packaging as well as how many items you will be packaging. For lower-quantity and smaller items, we recommend News Off Cuts as they’re great for quick packaging and consistent sizing. However, if you need to wrap and pack a lot of items of different sizes then a packaging paper roll is likely the best choice for you.

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