Masking Tape 25mm X 50m

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Masking Tape 25mm X 50m


Masking tape is a tape which is used within a variety of industries.  Normally used to mask an area or surface that you want protecting whilst other work is being carried out around it.

It works by applying the tape to a smooth surface or area you want to protect and then when the work is complete it can be removed easily.

One of the key features of Masking Tape is that it leaves no residue or marks on your surface once it's been removed.  Masking tape is made up of a thin crepe paper with a gentle yet effective adhesive backing so when you lift the tape you will have a smooth surface. The adhesive is designed to be gentle and versatile allowing Masking Tape to have a variety of uses.

We import and supply Hotmelt Masking Tape which is of excellent quality, we're confident that what we supply is a very high performance and your wont be disappointed!
Masking Tape can be purchased in different width rolls. Either 25mm wide or 50mm wide - each reel is 50meters long. We have a huge warehouse full of tape! all available for next day delivery to you if you order by 2pm!

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