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  1. Hand Trucks

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  2. Paper Roll Dispenser

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  3. Glue Guns

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  4. Tape Guns

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  5. Glue Sticks

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If you are sending a large quantity of goods out the door and would you like to speed up your production and packaging process then these are the products for you. On this page you will find a wide range of different types of Machinery and Tools all designed to simplify and speed up the process of protecting and packaging your goods for delivery. Some products are manual tools whilst others are electric. If you feel our Machinery and Tools could help your business then carry on reading.

For our larger machinery we offer a selection of purchase options.
•Some machines can be purchased outright
•Some machines can be rented for a fee,
•Some can be rented at no charge with the condition that you purchase a set amount of product that is associated with that particular machine.

Example being - We supply your business with an Novus Air Machine with no rental fee on the basis that you order 6 air cushion rolls per month. Please contact us for more information and we will gladly assist you the best way possible

Machinery and Tools in our opinion are key to running a business and sending goods out. It will reduce the manhandling of goods and effectively wrap them in the most presentable way giving a lasting impression to your customers. Health and Safety is also key when packaging and protecting your products so if you are sending out or wrapping a large quantity consider little manhandling and let the machines do the work!

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