Machine Stretch Film / CLEAR / 500mm X 1900m X 17mu (1 roll)

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Machine Stretch Film / CLEAR / 500mm X 1900m X 17mu (1 roll)


When sending out a large quantity of pallets ( approx. 40+ pallets) we recommend using our Machine Stretch Film. Using Machine Stretch Film will speed up the process of your packaging chain making the process far more efficient. Machine Stretch Film is best used with a Pallet Wrap Machine which are sold separately.

Our Machine Stretch Film comes as standard with a flush core width of 500mm, you have the option to choose the reel length. We also give you the option to choose the "Micron" the thicker the micron the heavier duty the wrap. Consider the weight of the goods you are transporting when selecting the thickness of the Machine Stretch Film required. We recommend the heavier the load then the thicker micron would be the best option to choose.

Machine Stretch film is available to purchase by the roll however the more you buy the lower the price! If you would like one of our sales representatives to visit you with a sample of a roll we are more than happy to arrange a visit!

As we import our own pallet wraps from overseas into the uk market our prices can fluctuate. Our prices changed due the supply and demand based on the price of oil and also due to exchange rates. Whilst we try our best to keep our prices low at times you may see a change.

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