Loose Fill / Biodegradable 15 Cubic Foot Bag (1 bag)

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Loose Fill / Biodegradable 15 Cubic Foot Bag (1 bag


Loose fill which can sometimes also be known as packaging peanuts are designed to protect delicate items inside the box whilst in transit or storage.  If you wanted to send a large quantity of delicate items out in one box and you were wanting to give them the best cushioning possible we would recommend securely bubble wrapping the individual items and then filling the empty spaces using Loose Fill to fill the void spaces.

Loose Fill is made of expandable polystyrene foam which when used will compress once the box is sealed giving your goods excellent cushioning, as the chips are an S shape they will naturally entwine and interlock when packed tightly giving maximum protection to your delicate goods. Once opened the Loose Fill will form back to it's original shape ready to be reused over and over again.  It's also extremely light in weight so wont effect your carriage or shipping costs.

If you are using large quantities of Loose Fill then a dispenser maybe useful to your business. Fill the dispenser with a the bag of Loose Fill and then drop the required amount into your box by opening and closing the valve each time. Please contact our sales time for more information on dispensers.

Loose Fill is Sold in bags of 15cubic feet, we carry huge stock so the chances are we can deliver to you next day providing you order by 2pm.

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