Grey Mailing Bags / 350mm x 400mm (100 per pack)

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Grey Mailing Bags / 350mm x 400mm (100 per pack)


Mailing bags are an essential part of any mail order business where unbreakable goods are being sent out via courier / mail. Commonly used to mail out items such as bedding, clothing and softer items

Our mailing bags are made from co-extruded plastic which is two layers of polythene bonded together and formed into one - this process gives immense strength to the plastic making it resistant to tears and punctures and tampering. They come complete with a double sided finger lift tape edging for ease of use when sealing the bag, the adhesive is so strong that once the bags are sealed their is no way to re open the seal unless force is used or the bag is cut open.

Our Mailing Bags are completely waterproof so you have piece of mind that your goods are well protected from adverse weather conditions. Its opaque film gives ensures confidentiality of packaged goods.

Our superb knowledge and expertize within the packaging industry has allowed us to build our product portfolio of packaging materials at the most competitive prices.  Our aim is to supply quality goods at a quality price to you. We believe that is what we are offering. As we go direct to the factories and supply directly to you we are able to cut out the middle man which brings the total price down to you with out compromising on the quality of the goods.

Sold by the box (quantities change depending on the size of bag purchased) If you are planning on buying a large quantity of mailing bags than contact us for a quote on discount bulk purchases!

If you are looking at purchasing a large quantity of Mailing Bags and would like a sample prior to purchase then please get in touch as we would be happy to send samples

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