Cardboard Edge Protector 35 X 35 X 1000 x 3mm (100 per pack)

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Cardboard Edge Protector 35 X 35 X 1000 x 3mm (100 per pack)

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Edge Protectors are manufactured using compressed recycled cardboard making them incredibly strong and hard wearing. Due to its durability and hardwearing properties Edge Protectors can be reused time and time again making them the economical choice for any business.

Available in a range of length sizes starting from 1000mm through to 3500mm and two different width sizes. Supplied in a brown cardboard colouring. Available in box of 100, we will mix and match different sizes should that suit your business better. Contact us should you require this service.

Used in a variety of ways to help protect and support goods on the move. Used widely to transport white goods such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers prior to being shrink wrapped.

Another common use for Edge Protectors is for supporting and stabilizing a loaded pallet. Place the Edge Protectors over each edge prior to strapping and using a shrinkable pallet cover or stretch wrapping the goods, your finished product will be as sturdy as can be!

Edge Protectors are also a great way to prevent damage from large heavy boxed items such as flat packed furniture, by protecting the edges you are eliminating the chances of the goods being damaged in transit.

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Units per Pack 100
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