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  1. Foam Corner Protectors

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  2. Corrugated Cardboard Roll

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  3. Cardboard Edge Protectors

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  4. Loose Fill Packaging

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  5. Foam Rolls

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  6. Pallet Top Sheet Covers

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  7. Novus Air Cushions

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Is there such a thing that stirs fond memories, while also acting as the world’s top shipping protection material? Hark back to childhood (or, in the case of the more playful among us, to yesterday) and remember how fun it was to pop a whole bubble wrap roll in one go. There is the answer you are looking for, both for the reputation of your business, and the comfort of your clients: bubblewrap, a material which has evolved at a rapid pace over the past decades. We offer a wide range of products based on bubble wrap, including rolls with bigger or smaller bubbles, foam rolls, and the innovative Novus air cushions.

Why should I buy bubble wrap protection?

We believe that protection is an investment, which is worth every penny.  We want your customers to receive their goods in excellent condition. We want them to receive their purchases in a way in which you would wish to receive them: intact and undamaged!  With that in mind, we supply a wide range of protection for the outside of your box, and also cushioned protection, in the shape of bubble wrap rolls or foam profile protection for the inside of your boxes. We strongly believe if you're sending goods out to customers, whether locally, within the UK, or overseas, then your goods should have the adequate protection to arrive in excellent condition.

The simple answer is that you need bubblewrap, silica gel, or any other product from our wide range of protection products whenever you are sending out fragile items. We believe that our excellent range of products is able to ensure the ultimate protection, but we’re hoping we get to prove it to you, through your purchase.

How do I know what kind of protection I need?

Direct Packaging Solutions offers all the above-listed choices in terms of protection for your parcels. If you are new to shipping, the selection may, indeed, seem daunting. While we invite our clients to choose their preferred protective material, sometimes it can be complicated to figure out if you need to use large bubble wrap rollscorrugated cardboard rolls, or foam inserts. That’s why we strive to provide detailed descriptions of what each type of protection does. Simply click on the image and check out the information.

While some of your packaging decisions will obviously be based on budgeting and quantity of parcels, we strongly encourage you to look into safety standards. Leather goods, for instance, are always best accompanied by silica. Large electronics pair well with large bubble wrap rolls and polystyrene sheets. Smaller bubblewrap bags are a good choice for smaller items and for the various parts of products that require assembly.

If your items are going further afield then consider the different situations your goods could find themselves. Traveling for longer distances means they are potentially being passed through a number of depots, loaded and unloaded onto a number of wagons. Such environments can become dusty, cold, wet, but with us, you have the option to protect against all of these. We recommend pallet top sheet covers for most items that go overseas, as well as sturdy edge protectors for any valuable item that you are concerned might be manhandled in the shipping process.

Order bubblewrap today!

Finally, if you still find the range of choice somewhat overwhelming, we encourage you to call or email our Account Customer service, at 08450308890, 0161 975 5360, or customerservices@dpack.co.uk. Our experienced staff will walk you through everything you need! We guide our business on the principles of quality, honesty, and efficiency. Shopping with us is as easy as filling up your online basket and then clicking through to process your payment. A fragile, valuable, or otherwise vulnerable purchase that reaches its destination without so much as a single scratch will ensure that your brand accrues the kind of trust and dependability that money can’t buy. You will see this when the good reviews for excellent shipping conditions will start pouring in!

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