TikTok's Luxury Designer Unboxing Trend Shows The Undeniable Value in Great Packaging

TikTok's Luxury Designer Unboxing Trend Shows The Undeniable Value in Great Packaging

Everyone dreams of unboxing a luxury product from some of the most established luxury brands in the world, enjoying the hand-written notes, the personalisation and, of course, the beautifully-crafted packaging. Unfortunately, the reality comes with one major problem: the cost. The new TikTok trend #cheapestthing, on the other hand, has turned this on its head, with users purchasing the cheapest item they can from luxury retailers such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Chanel, and Hermes with one intention only: to be able to experience the beautiful feeling of unboxing it and using the packaging as an interior piece.

Understandably, you may be thinking, "How cheap is cheap?" Well, take a look at these TikTok videos, with some having a staggering 941.4K likes, giving you an  insight into the biggest bargains people have found on these luxury designer sites for as low as $20 (£14.99) from DiorLouis VuittonChanelYves Saint LaurentHermes, and Gucci


This trend is all about treating yourself to a beautiful and special experience that comes when unboxing a luxurious product and the effort that goes into the packaging. This can then be displayed throughout your home, showing a beautiful aesthetic and allowing you to tap into a goal for your life in the future. While being stylish, they can also be considered good storage. Maybe you can store products within them and have them on display shelves. The possibilities are endless. It is understandable to see why people are so enamoured with the packaging as much as the product, you can see the amount of effort made by all of these brands and their intent on making you feel, no matter which product you choose, that eyre of luxury.


For many people, having the right aesthetic is everything. We live in a world that is focused on image and even the manifestation of working towards your dream life. Because of this, it is no surprise how common it is across e-commerce websites such as eBay and Etsy, where you are able to buy Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes paper bags and boxes. 


So without further ado, here is a list of the cheapest products you can buy from some mainstream luxury brands to grab yourself some dreamy packaging that you will keep for a long time:

GUCCI Beauty | 3 Châtain, Crayon Définition Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil | £23 (Free Shipping)

While we understand that getting *that* packaging is the aim of the game, we can’t help but be completely taken by the beauty of this product. A brow pencil is a necessity for most make-up routines now, so why not treat yourself to one that is long-wearing and delivers the experience of a light and luxurious powder in a beautiful brow pencil? The pencil also does not smudge, bleed or transfer once applied, allowing you to be as refined and natural-looking or as full and dramatic as you desire.


Yves Saint Laurent | Silk Face Mask | £25 (Free Shipping)

This mask has been purely designed for its beautiful aesthetic and is not medical grade. It is, however, made with 100% silk, which is said to be more breathable and better for your skin than other materials, making it a win for every wearer as it is a piece we all have to wear each day at some point. For a beautiful fashion statement by Yves Saint Laurent, £25 is definitely a reasonable price.


Hermes Paris | Mini Ulysse Lined Notebook Refill | £35 (Free Shipping)

While this may be a notebook refill for the beautiful Ulysse Notebook, there is no denying that it is a beautiful and luxurious piece that everyone uses every day, perfectly blending practicality and luxury into one. It is made with Chinook paper and has 75 sheets within it and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to write in a Hermes notebook whether that be at work or pride of place for yourself at home. 




Chanel is considered one of the most timeless and luxurious brands in the world, and this doesn’t waiver when it comes to them bringing out a soap. It is called Coco Mademoiselle for a reason, as once it has had contact with water, it becomes a creamy lather that is fragranced by their beautiful and classic perfume. Every day, the beautiful scents of orange, rose, and patchouli will enchant you.



Louis Vuitton have established themselves as the ultimate luxury travel companions, reaching out to writers, journalists and major figures in the world of arts and writing for wherever their guide is focused on. For £25, this is a very well thought out, beautifully crafted and useful book that would be great as a gift or for yourself. 


DIOR | BOOK: DIOR BY DIOR | £25 (Free Shipping)

For only £25 you receive the autobiography of Christian Dior, giving you an insight into the famous designer’s life, his childhood and his sudden success in the fashion industry. Not to mention, a rare look into the classic Paris Haute Couture scene in the 1950s. 


BURBERRY | Lip Definer Oxblood No.14 | £20 with Free Next Day Delivery

Available in seven different beautiful colours, this ultra-creamy, soft-textured lip liner is perfect as an outline for your lipstick or even as an all-over colour on its own. For only £20, you receive free next-day delivery, along with a Burberry Sharpener included as well. Who said luxury can’t be affordable?


GIVENCHY | LES ACCESSOIRES COUTURE | £13.50 with Free Shipping and Four Free Samples 


 Level up your fashion game with Givenchy’s classic-inspired heritage customisable fashion pieces. Covered in smooth and sumptuous genuine leather, this bespoke piece will be a stunning addition to any outfit, especially for only £13.50. Along with 4 free samples to choose from and the beautiful packaging that will follow, you get a great gift for a reasonable price.

TIFFANY & CO | BOOK: WINDOWS AT TIFFANY & CO | £25 with Complimentary Free Standard Shipping

Enjoy this beautifully created Tiffany & Co memoir edition created by luxury publishing house Assouline, showing the history of the world-renowned flagship Fifth Avenue store window displays through the years. Discover never-before-seen imagery, insights, and concept-illustrations that have gone into their window displays. This book will make for a perfect aesthetic experience and addition to any home alongside their beautiful packaging.


This is understandably quite a jump in price compared to the other luxury goods, but if you want that Cartier packaging unboxing experience, this is around the cost of the cheapest product you can buy. Be assured that it is a truly stunning piece with English Green calf-skin, an embossed double C logo, and gold metal corners. It is an everyday piece that will feel luxurious every time you use it.

Clare Leach, Managing Director of Dpack, said this:

"If there is anything to take away from this, it is that the value of packaging can sometimes rival the actual product. It is evident that luxury brands have really taken note of this and realise the effectiveness of packaging and creating an experience rather than just relying on it being ripped open and thrown away. At Dpack, we focus on providing our customers with a complete range of packaging materials, allowing them to create a tailored packaging experience for their customers. "

So, if you see a space on your shelf and you are wondering what to put there, a Chanel box is now an attainable interior piece idea to achieve your desired aesthetic without thinking you have to spend thousands of pounds to get there. 

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