Case study: The Unsung Hero of Packaging: How Foam Protects To Transport High-Value Medical Equipment

Case study: The Unsung Hero of Packaging: How Foam Protects To Transport High-Value Medical Equipment

13th November 2023

When it comes to packaging, we often think of boxes and tape, but we tend to overlook foam's versatile role. Foam is an unsung hero in the packaging industry, offering customisable cushioning ideal for safeguarding delicate and valuable items. In this case study, we share how we addressed a client's unique packaging challenge using foam, highlighting the process, and the result.

The Challenge
One of our clients approached us with a daunting challenge: they needed a packaging solution for a high-tech DNA testing kit worth over £50,000. The kit had to be transported safely by air, and any damage could result in significant financial losses.

Our approach to solving this challenge involved several key steps:

We worked closely with our client, meeting with them to understand their unique needs and requirements.

Once we understood their goals, our packaging experts began the custom packaging design phase, aiming to meet the client's exact requests and be in line with medical packaging strict requirements.

Rigorous testing and re-designs were carried out to ensure the final product would meet the highest standards of protection.

We worked with the client every step of the way, keeping them informed and ensuring their satisfaction.

The Solution:
We opted for a bespoke foam packaging solution to protect the high-value DNA testing kit during transit. Standard packaging materials, such as kraft paper or packing peanuts, were insufficient for these medical boxes, and a tailored approach was essential. We utilised corrugated boxes to provide the additional strength required for safe transportation.

The Result:
Our client now knows that their product will safely reach its destination. Our focus on meeting our customers' exact requirements and maintaining cost-efficiency was key to achieving this success.

Sustainable Foam Packaging Solutions to Protect Your Products

Our Commitment
At our core, we prioritise protecting your products while enhancing the customer experience. Our years of expertise in the packaging industry allow us to design innovative solutions that address market challenges. We offer various materials, graphics, shapes, functionality, and branding options tailored to your brand.

Additionally, we opt for sustainable solutions wherever possible and constantly look for the next innovation to improve our processes and help the planet. Choose our Eco Foam, our latest sustainable innovation, made with 70% recycled plastic.

Cut and moulded sustainable packaging foam
sustainable tailored foam packaging solution stacked in various sizes

If you have a packaging challenge like the one described in this case study or are just interested in using our foam, contact us today to explore how we can tailor a solution to ensure your products reach their destination safely and securely.

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