Summer’s just around the corner. In fact, it begins on June 21 in the UK, officially, according to the Met Office. That means warmer temperatures, longer days and holidays.

However, for businesses that ship products to customers, summer presents a unique set of challenges, and it’s not just perishable goods, like items of food, that companies need to worry about.

Here are 5 items that need special shipping/packaging considerations in the summer:

1. Perishable food items

Okay, so we couldn’t have a post about special shipping/packaging considerations in the summer and not mention perishable food items. They are the first things that come to mind when people talk about the challenges of shipping during warmer months.

Actually, the shipping of perishables presents challenges all year round for companies. The key is to choose the right packaging, refrigeration and insulation for the job.

2. Wine

Wine is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to shipping it during warmer months. That’s because a lot of wine is kept at room temperature and not refrigerated, so people assume it’s okay to simply ship, even when the outside temperature is rising.

However, the summer heat (even in the UK) can lead to an entire shipment of wine spoiling if appropriate measures aren’t taken during the packaging process.

Temperature-controlled trucks, depots and robust packaging are all a must when you’re looking to ship wine in warmer weather.

3. Beauty Products

Bath and beauty products – especially homemade ones – are often delicate and heat sensitive. Once beautiful balms and lotions can end up looking like they’ve seen better days if they are left in sweltering temperatures, and they separate as a result. How disappointed will your customers be to receive something that looks like it’s been left in an oven?

Even soap can lose its shape and end up as just a blob if it’s left to sit in a hot environment. All your hard work producing beautiful products will all be for nothing if they aren't shipped correctly when it’s hotter.

4. Liquids

We’ve already mentioned wine, but it’s also worth noting that any type of liquid can encounter problems if shipped when the weather’s warmer. Liquids are prone to expanding when they are heated, which can overpressure the container they are being stored in, causing it to explode in severe circumstances.

Ask your shipping partner if they’ve got any specific advice for transporting liquids during hot weather. Their facilities are likely to be temperature-controlled, which may provide reassurance alone.

5. Plasticware

When plastic heats up, it is much easier to bend. Therefore, if you are shipping items made of plastic during warmer weather and they are left in hot trucks, warehouses, etc. they could become bent or misshapen. Obviously, this isn’t ideal when your customer is expecting to receive their item in perfect, working condition.

A Final Thought

Whether you’re a bespoke eCommerce business or a company that has an online offering, your reputation can be made or broken on how quickly, efficiently, securely and conscientiously you ship products to your customers. Any problems and you could end up losing business. That’s why you need to ensure you are only using the best shipping partners and best packaging solutions available to you.

Here at Direct Packaging Solutions, we are committed to ensuring you have everything you need to make the shipping of goods (even during warmer months) seamless.

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