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  1. How To Make Your Packaging Greener

    How To Make Your Packaging Greener

    The packaging you use to ship your products says a lot about you as a company. For example, by choosing packaging that’s overkill for the purpose and results in a significant amount of waste, you could unwittingly portray a message that you are a company which doesn’t take its corporate, environmental or social responsibilities very seriously.

    Today, consumers appreciate businesses that go out of their way to take important issues, like the environment, seriously. That’s why businesses that utilise greener packaging options can actually differentiate themselves from their competition and even stand out in their respective marketplaces as a result.

    Reduce The Amount Of Packaging You Use

    First and foremost, one of the best ways to make your packaging greener is simply by using less of it. We’ve all received a huge box through the post, only to open it and find that it contains something much smaller.

    The key is to choose the right size cardboard box for the

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  2. Why The Future Of High Value Item Packaging Is Hexagon-Shaped?

    Why The Future Of High Value Item Packaging Is Hexagon-Shaped?

    When was the last time you purchased a large, new appliance and had it delivered to your home? What packaging did it come in?

    Chances are it arrived in a cardboard box with moulded polystyrene and plastic straps holding it in place.

    It’s a common packaging setup for safely shipping large, expensive items to ensure they don’t get damaged, even scratched before they’ve arrived at their new home.

    However, while cardboard boxes can be recycled and reused, the moulded polystyrene used to secure large appliances isn’t so easy. That’s because expanded polystyrene (EPS), the type often used for packaging, is considered an end product. In other words, there’s very little you can do with it except shred it into more EPS.

    Furthermore, because polystyrene is extremely lightweight for its size, and often comes in bulky pieces, it makes recycling it disproportionately costly. Unfortunately, as a result, old polystyrene often finds itself adorning the sides of roads, wate

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  3. Tips For Choosing The Right Cardboard Box For Your Product

    Tips For Choosing The Right Cardboard Box For Your Product

    While the type of cardboard box you use to package your products might seem like a trivial business consideration, it’s actually one that requires a certain degree of thought – especially if you want to delight your customers and save some money in the process.

    You see, the thing about packaging is that it actually says a great deal about you as a company. For example, use inadequate packaging and your customers may feel as though you don’t really care about them or the products they’ve purchased from you. Go overboard and you might be accused of wasting packaging and not caring about the environment. It’s a very fine line.

    So what about the good old cardboard box? Surely that’s not something you need to spend too much time worrying about? Wrong! The sheer range of cardboard boxes available today can make choosing the “right” one slightly bewildering.

    Here’s the lowdown on choosing the right cardboard box for

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  4. Packaging Considerations For eCommerce Fashion Businesses: Make Your Deliveries Pop!

    Packaging Considerations For eCommerce Fashion Businesses: Make Your Deliveries Pop!

    Manchester has always been a popular destination for fashionistas in search of the latest industry trends. But in recent years, the city has also witnessed a steady boom in the number of online fashion houses that call it home.

    Brands like Boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing and Lavish Alice have helped to firmly establish the Greater Manchester area as a thriving hub for fashion eCommerce.

    One of the reasons for Manchester’s online fashion success lies in the city’s emergence as a technology hotspot, offering eCommerce excellence outside of London. It’s a reality that is great for fashion graduates, enabling them to follow their dreams in the industry without having to necessarily live/work in the capital.

    Speaking about Greater Manchester’s invigorated online fashion industry, Tim Newns, chief executive officer of Manchester’s inward investment agency MIDAS, told Manchester Evening N

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