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  1. 5 Different Types Of Green Packaging

    5 Different Types Of Green Packaging

    Consumers today are more conscious about the environment than ever before. By showing that you are a company that takes proactive steps to reduce its carbon footprint and utilise sustainable packaging where possible, you could stand to differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

    Here are 5 different types of green packaging that are proactively tackling the problem of packaging waste:

    1. Refillable containers

    Nothing screams “sustainable packaging” more than refillable containers. Any container that can be used more than once can be considered reusable and it’s even better if a container can stand multiple uses during its lifetime.

    One area where refillable containers are being used in anger by consumers is for their morning coffee. Reusable coffee cups are all the rage and they are having a significant impact on the amount of packaging waste being produced in the UK.

    According to a report in the Independent, the UK throws away 2.5 billi

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  2. Paper Honeycomb Packaging: Use Cases In Industry

    Paper Honeycomb Packaging: Use Cases In Industry

    In today’s post, part two of our two-part series on paper honeycomb packaging, we’ll be showing you just some of the multitude of use cases for this amazing innovation.

    If you haven’t already read part one of this series, we highly recommend you do before continuing as it will provide you with a much more valuable overview.

    Here’s how paper honeycomb packaging, and its durable, lightweight construction is being used in various industries around the world:

    Automotive Industry

    Paper honeycomb packaging is frequently used in the automotive industry for shipping parts. Everything from engines and headlights to bumpers and filters can be shipped using paper honeycomb packaging that’s been die cut to shape. The use of returnable packaging for this application is often prohibited due to uneconomical costs involved.

    In addition to being used for the shipp

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  3. Paper Honeycomb Packaging: What Is It & The Amazing Benefits

    Paper Honeycomb Packaging: What Is It & The Amazing Benefits

    More emphasis is quite rightly being placed on producing packaging solutions that are sustainable and more environmentally friendly. But while things like single use coffee cups can be easily replaced with reusable ones, other day-to-day packaging applications aren’t quite so easily switched.

    Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped innovative packaging manufacturers from seeking to develop solutions that can replace and surpass more traditional uses. One such example is paper honeycomb packaging and its variants.

    In this first part of our two-part series on this amazing packaging innovation, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits afforded by this revolutionary packaging material.

    What Is Paper Honeycomb Packaging?

    Paper honeycomb is a durable, lightweight and cost effective packaging solution that is custom engineered using kraft paper material. Inspired by nature, the unique panels usually feature a honeycomb core – just like the type found on the inside of a be

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