Acid Free Tissue Paper

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Acid Free Tissue Paper
20 x 30"

Acid Free Tissue Paper is a packaging paper that contains no acid. At times regular tissue papers can leave unwanted residue.

Acid Free Tissue Paper is a popular product that has been used for many years and is still frequently used is many industries, designed with the wrapping of delicate goods that needs that extra protection, by adding a few layers of Acid Free Tissue Paper you are eliminating the chance of your goods suffering any abrasions, scratches and the elimination of dirt.

Commonly used in shops who sell goods such as jewellery, porcelain, glass, crockery, pots, and high value clothing such as wedding dresses and suits, often goods will be wrapped individually prior to being placed in a bag. By wrapping the goods in Acid Free Tissue Paper you are doing your very best at keeping the goods in the best condition for your customer.

Supplied in packs with 480 sheets per pack. Acid Free Tissue Paper is a must have for any shops selling delicate items and giving that extra special touch!

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Next To Price 20"x30" / 510mm x 760mm / PACK OF 480 SHEETS
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