Why You Should Be Selling With Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world and doesn't look to be stopped any time soon. Almost every major manufacturer sells on Amazon and with good reason. Amazon sees around 184 million average monthly users on their site. Meaning your products are already reaching hundreds of millions of people more than they ever would be. If you want to be successful in the world of e-commerce then Amazon is the way to go.

Amazon started out as an online bookseller in 1994, and has slowly grown to become the world's largest online marketplace, selling everything from electronics to garden equipment

While Amazon is potentially one of the toughest places to sell products, with approximately 3.5  million products being sold on their store, the competition is high but the potential rewards are great. Whether you want to make Amazon your full time business, or you just want to make some money on the side, the benefits of selling on Amazon seems unlimited if you do everything right. 

E-Commerce: What To Expect In 2017 (Infographic)

E-Commerce sales continue to grow year on year, but despite this, only around 8% of all retail sales actually took place online in the first quarter of 2016. So, e-commerce has a lot of room to grow if it’s going to equal that of non-digital sales.


Fact: By 2019 the global e-commerce market will be worth $3.578 trillion.


The following infographic depicts ways you can get ahead in 2017 and make your e-commerce site thrive.

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The Science Behind Superb Packaging (Infographic)

Packaging is a huge part of any product. Packaging ultimately serves two main jobs – it’s first job is to effectively market the product being sold and it’s second is to efficiently contain the product inside. The first impression of any product on a consumer is the packaging, they’re likely to base their expectation of the product on the appearance of the packaging, so getting it right is a must! We’d love to be able to say that consumer’s make their purchases based on the quality of a product, but we’d be lying, packaging design is seen to play a huge role in their decision. So we created “The Science Behind Superb Packaging” infographic to show you just how influential your packaging can be!

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Mini Hand stretch film

Mini hand stretch film


Mini hand stretch film is one of the most handy products we sell in terms of it’s multi-purpose usage and ease of application. You can use mini hand stretch film for almost anything, including securing and sealing a bundle of goods together and wrapping boxes and other packaging to give it that little extra protection. For example, wrapping this product around awkward shapes and sized goods such as rods, canes, rugs or rolls of paper. The mini hand stretch film can be applied simply by holding the extended core as handles or can be used with a dispenser if preferred. Not only does this make for a fast, easy application, but it means less stress and peace of mind when it comes storing them or sending them out for delivery. Our 17 micron thickness provides the best support for your goods should you choose to use this product and we supply it in rolls of 150m at 100mm width. Further details regarding our mini hand stretch film can be found on our website, or simply by clicking on the following link: http://www.dpack.co.uk/stretch-film-pallet-wrap/mini-hand-stretch-film.html. Our expert sales team are on hand to answer any of your questions regarding this product, or any other of our fantastic products for that matter.  Call 0161 975 5365 today or email customerservices@dpack.co.uk. We hope to hear from you soon!

Machine power pre stretch Film

Machine Power Pre Stretch Film



Different to your average stretch film, machine power pre stretch film is designed to be used in conjunction with a specialized machine, which stretches the film to suitably fit the goods. Due to the nature of this product, the specifications of the products allows only a flush core stretch film to be used to a width of 500mm. Although limited to this size, you can then vary the thickness of the stretch film in order to wrap your palletised goods adequately for transit. This includes a micron of 17, 20 and 23.


Just like any other stretch film, the power pre stretch film creates a tight, protective seal around any goods that you wrap, moulding and forming the shape of them simultaneously. This makes it the perfect product for any company that aims for a smooth and safe delivering service when wrapping large goods. It also gives you the peace of mind that your goods will be safe based on the range of micron you can purchase power pre stretch film in. As always, we work collaboratively in order to bring you the best quality product possible but also the best price. That’s why we offer cost effective, pallet loads worth of power pre stretch film and not just by the roll. This of course would depend on the amount and quantity you would need.  If you would like to make any further enquiries, you can email customerservices@dpack.co.uk or call 0161 975 5360 for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!


Low Noise Printed Tapes

Low noise printed tapes are a great way of simultaneously securing and labelling your packaged goods, and they are exactly what they say on the tin! They are a ‘must-have’ in most industries, from fashion and retail to construction.


Made from low noise material, this product is designed to stand out from the plain packaging so that the printed message is easily read. With a white background and red printing, this means that labelled boxes using this product will not be easily missed. At Direct Packaging Solutions, we supply this product with a variety of different messages, including ‘this way up’, ‘fragile’, ‘QC rejected’ ‘caution’, ‘handle with care’ and many more. You can find our whole range of printed messages on our website, or by clicking on the following link http://www.dpack.co.uk/tapes/low-noise-printed-tapes-48mm-x-66mtr.html.


As always, we believe in providing you with the best suited product and that’s why we supply low noise printed tapes in rolls of 48mm Wide x 66m long, but in packs of various quantities. This means you can bulk buy easily, or simply purchase a small, specific amount.


Should you require any more information regarding this product, you can call 0161 975 5365 today or email customerservices@dpack.co.uk. If you do happen to purchase our fantastic product, why not leave a review on our product page on the website. This can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.dpack.co.uk/tapes/low-noise-printed-tapes-48mm-x-66mtr.html. We hope to hear from you soon!


Machine Stretch Film


The pressure to perform and dispatch at an increasing rate is an occurrence in almost any industry, but particularly in a packaging industry where stretch film is used in masses. It can be a tedious, time consuming task if you are to use rolls of stretch film and hand wrap every single pallet that needs to be dispatch-ready. It begs the question, why waste time when there’s a machine, and product that’ll do it for you, saving you time, money and energy in the long run?

Our machine stretch film is an incredibly strong (although the micron of thickness can vary dependent on use), wrapping material designed to keep pallets and other packaging products in shape ready for transit. Just like any other stretch film, machine stretch film protects your goods from spilling away from the pallet, and provides protection from water, dust and dirt simultaneously.


Designed to work alongside our pallet wrap machine, machine stretch film is the perfect solution when distributing large quantities of goods. Should you be interested in this product, our website has all you need to know regarding thickness, quantities, sizes and prices. Simply click on the following link: http://www.dpack.co.uk/stretch-film-pallet-wrap/machine-stretch-film.html. Alternatively, our sales team are here to answer any of your unanswered questions, whether this be about machine stretch film or perhaps the corresponding pallet wrap machine. Call us on 0161 030 8890 to talk through your enquiries further. We hope to here from you soon!



Just like our elastic bands we blogged about previously, cable ties are a great answer to tying and bundling items together for storage or transit. They have a variety of purposes, however traditionally have been used to tie together cables and wires in a variety of setting. They are however an extremely useful product to have across domestic and industrial settings.


Cable ties are also a must have in the garden, where they can be used to tie together rods and plant stalks in order to keep them upright. Their strong, robust nature mean that they cannot be removed once set in place without the use of cutting tools, so there’s something that pesky animals and creatures can’t tamper with!


Operating in a zip-like manner, the cable ties work by creating a tight grip that can be adjusted to suit the size needed. Once tightened however, there’s no going back and must be replaced if this needs to be loosened. This does however mean that you can fix it to your linking even if a mistake is made. If there’s one thing you cannot fault, it’s their strength and reliability. There’s no better product out there for the job.


Like all of our products, we believe in making sure you get exactly what you need. That’s why we supply these in packs of 100, in black and in a variety of dimensions. For more information, visit our website on http://www.dpack.co.uk/tapes/cable-ties.html, email customerservices@dpack.co.uk or call 0161 975 5365 to speak to our sales team. We hope to hear from you soon!

Fluorescent cloth tape

Are you in an industry where potential dangers or obstructions are an every day occurrence? Or perhaps you’re in an environment that begs for a little bit of extra creativity, brightness and excitement? If that’s you, we have the perfect product for your needs. Fluorescent cloth tape is a hardwearing tape, made for multiple purposes. Currently, this product is in demand in the television and film industry for placing on areas where there are many wires lying around, and for highlighting other potential trip hazards. The fluorescent colour, available in green, yellow, pink and orange is most definitely not one to miss!


Alternatively, this product could be used to spruce up boring display boards, or perhaps act as a border to pictures/advertisements. You could always ‘stick’ to it’s traditional purpose and use it to hold up various materials on walls, just like normal tape.

Our florescent cloth tape is available, as mentioned in 4 different colours, and can be purchased in a variety of lengths and quantities. Prices and further information regarding this item can be found on our website, or simply click on the following link:
http://www.dpack.co.uk/tapes/flourescent-cloth-tape.html. If you would like to make further enquiries, you can consult our expert sales team on 0161 975 5360, whether this be regarding this product or any other. We hope to hear from you soon!